How to become a church member

Church membership is an important part of the Christian life. Christ has saved us and grafted us into his body, the church. Church membership is a commitment to participate in the life and the mission of the congregation. Here are the requirements for church membership in our church:

1. Follow Christ

Church membership is for Christians. Therefore, the first step is to repent of our sins and to trust in Jesus as Lord and Savior.

2. Believer's Baptism

As Baptists, we believe that baptism is reserved for believers and should be done by immersion. This is a prerequisite for membership at FBC Luling.

3. Membership Class

The membership class is a time for prospective members to hear about the vision of FBC, expectations for members, and opportunities for ministry within the church. Typically, it will be a one-time event that is held during lunch after a Sunday morning worship service.

4. Pastoral Interview

After participation in a membership class, prospective members will schedule a meeting with the pastor. This will be a time for the pastor to hear the individual's testimony and to answer any questions the prospective member might have about the church or about church membership.

5. Congregational Affirmation

The final step is for the prospective member to be presented before the congregation at a members' meeting and to be affirmed into membership by a congregational vote.